World Tour

We have created a “World Tour” of some of the major cities in the world, more importantly, we have included some of our favourite cities! Enjoy!

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Curiouser and curiouser!

Curiousity is approaching Mars! NASA deserves all our congratulations, I hope the next few days go without hitch! I’m really looking forward to seeing what further relevations the lander can provide of the Red Planet! I, along with no doubt millions of others, was brought up on fascinating stories of “little Green Men from Mars”! It was “common Knowledge” when I was a child (last week) (hhhonest) that Mars had “Canals”, we’ve come a long way since last week! It promises to be an exciting few months or hopefully longer!

So far so good! Curiousity has landed safely! NASA are running checks but the first photographs from Mars have arrived! So far there are no signs of any “Little Green Men”!

How Sad!

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The Olympics

I must say that since the Beijing Olympics I felt a certain trepidation that the London Olympics would be a disaster. I needn’t have worried! What a tremendous opening ceremony! There were many highlights, but I must say this was probably my favourite moment!

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I thought you might like to see how the Olympic Stadium was created!


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Hello cruel world!

I thought it was about time I did an update! I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the nice comments you post!

A few kind souls would like to know which template I used – it’s “Sliding Doors”, I altered the images using photoshop, but any decent photo editor would do! I did keep the same file names for each of the photographs as per the “original sliding door images”, this was a lot easier than trying to alter the pathways etc!

Anything for an easy life!

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Not that I’m counting but……..




One day I’m going to grow up!…… but er, not today!!!


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